Vietnam Tours - Saigon Dinner Cruise Tours DL03

Destinasis: Vietnam Tours, Saigon Dinner Cruise, Saigon Tours, Vietnam Travel, Daily Tours Durasi: 3 HOURS WA

Harga : IDR931.500,00/PAX

Vietnam Tours - Why not seeing Saigon at a different angle? Saigon Dinner Cruise Tours. Ho Chi Minh City’s romantic lights. The river’s gentle breeze caressing your skin. Relaxing and unique music. Comfort and luxury atmosphere. Peace far away the metropolis’s bustle. A delicious dinner. To be in company of a loved one. There are many ways to define this tour, but the only manner to understand it is checking it out yourself. Join to Dong Travel for dinner aboard the Cruise to live an unforgettable night sailing along the Saigon River and admiring the beautiful Ho Chi Minh City at night.